How to Use the Fire Hydrants

1.  Grab both ends of the hose (brass female end and red plastic nozzle).

     This is 300 feet of hose.

2.  Pull off entire length of hose, keeping it as straight as possible.

     The water may be restricted or blocked if there are kinks in the hose.

3.  Carry the brass end of hose back to the hydrant and connect it to the valve.

4.  Turn on the red-handled valve on the hydrant, slowly.

Note: If you open valve too fast, the sudden pressure may be too great and the nozzle or hose may be damaged.


No water? Check the underground water valve.

During the colder months, the water to the hydrant is turned off to prevent freezing (usually October through March). Using the key, turn the valve ON (1/4 turn counterclockwise).  


Fire Hydrant Valve Operation



Rotate counterclockwise ¼ turn                                                                                    OPEN





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