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Geography of the Andy Creek Region

The Andy Creek cabin tract sits at the base of Russell Ridge in the south-central Washington Cascades. The cabin lots lie approximately 250 feet from the lake's shore at the eastern boundary and 1300 feet at the west boundary. Our cabin tract elevation is between 2975' and 3075'above sea level.

Built between 1917 and 1925, Tieton Dam's construction began in 1917 but was postponed in 1918. Because of the United States involvement in World War I, labor forces were diverted from the dam's completion. Building was continued in 1921 and completed in 1925. The impoundment behind Tieton Dam was originally named the McAllister Meadows Reservoir after John McAllister, a friend and neighbor of John Russell, the most prominent resident in the Tieton Basin from the late 1800's until McAllister's death in 1912. The name Tieton Dam was adopted in later years to reflect the name of the river that flows into the dam.

The impoundment named Tieton Reservoir is commonly referred to as Rimrock Lake and has a spillway elevation of approximately 2926 feet above sea level.

The Goat Rocks are a series of rugged volcanic peaks in the Cascade Range, roughly between Mount Rainier and Mount Adams southwest of Rimrock Lake. They are named after the numerous mountain goats which live in the area, and are at the core of the Goat Rocks Wilderness.Goatrocks

The peaks are the eroded remnants of a stratovolcano, termed the Goat Rocks volcano, which about 2 million years ago might have been similar to the current large stratovolcanoes in the Cascade Volcanic Arc, possibly reaching 15,000 feet high. The current eroded volcano has numerous summits reaching about 8,000 ft (2,400 m).

The Glaciers of the Goat Rocks are still active and have created much more rugged topography than is present in the rest of the Southern Cascades.

This range is higher than the surrounding Cascade Mountains (Campbell, 1975).

Just west of the Andy Creek cabin area lies Spiral Butte, which is another volcanic cone.

The U-shaped valley which is approximately 3 miles west of Rimrock Lake is the result of glacier activity. Clear Creek flows from Dog Lake, over Clear Creek Falls and through this valley and into Clear Lake, the Tieton River and Rimrock Lake.

To be continued.....

Updated 4/19/2015



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