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How to Access the Internet from Andy Creek

Several methods currently exist which allow cabin owners to access the internet.

1) The most current information concerning high speed DSL internet at Andy Creek (as of 1/28/2013):

1.5 Mb/sec ADSL (DSL) is available through Legacy Qwest (CenturyLink). As of 1/28/2013, the monthly rate for this service is $47.08/month (currently with $20.00 discount per month for the 1st year). Taxes and fees are not included in this amount. Those extra charges amount to approximately $4.20/month.

768 Kb/sec download speeds may also be available at a slightly reduced rate, but with heavy internet use during holidays and some weekends, those speeds may be noticeably slower.

You should also ask about "bundling" discounts for adding your satellite television and/or cabin telephone. See FAQ concerning "VOIP" telephone options.

a) If you currently have a cabin phone (with the 1st 3 digits "672"), you may call or email our local (Cowiche) CenturyLink technician, Craig Pilon.

b) If you do not currently have a cabin phone account (with 1st 3 digits "672"), then you should call CenturyLink directly so they can start your account. Phone: (888) 723-8010. Tell them that this call is regarding "CenturyLink's Legacy Qwest" service.

2)  Verizon, and probably other cell service providers, are providing a service in the Andy Creek area utilizing a cellular technology using the MiFi 2200 wireless "hotspot". This device allows PC and Mac users to access "highspeed internet" without the computer being tethered to a router. It has been experimented with in the Andy Creek area with mixed results. At times, one may achieve speeds that are 4-6 times faster than the 24-26kb/s speeds currently available with dial-up access. At other times, possibly due to weather conditions at the cell tower at White Pass, the internet access is disrupted or slows down to unacceptable levels. The cost is currently (Nov. 2010) $40/month for 3 GB downloads. Other plans are available through Verizon.

3)  Satellite internet service is available from both HughesNet and WildBlue. This method provides much faster upload and download speeds, but is similar in its positional mounting requirements to DirecTv or DishNetwork television.

4) Smartphone access: iPhone, Blackberry, and other phones which have computer functionality may be used. These devices, however, must be able to acquire a signal from their wireless access point.

5)  Cell phone internet access: These phones must be web-enabled. This means they can handle both voice calls and transmit data. This is often referred to as dual mode. Newer cell phones are web-enabled and come with built-in modems. If you have a cell phone which does not have a built-in modem, you will need to purchase a PC card modem for your laptop. The cell phone will also need to have a data port.

Updated 1/28/2013



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