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Andy Creek Water Users Association

Annual Meeting Minutes

July 19, 2009

Silver Beach Motel

President Bill Madison called the meeting to order at 10:05 AM.

33 cabin owners were represented and there were no Proxies.

Memorial Moment - Gene Pugnetti offered a special tribute for Dixie Devine who passed away in June and Jim Devine offered a prayer for all cabin owners, relatives and friends who passed away this past year and for those facing illness and challenges in their lives.

New Cabin Owners - Introduced as new cabin owners were Jeff and Erica Barrom, #26 and Bill Glenski and Melissa Lemp #16.

Introduction of Board of Directors:     Bill Madison, President

                                                             Roger Meyer, Vice President

                                                             Paul Regimbal, Secretary/Treasurer

                                                             Russ Forman, Director

                                                             Gene Pugnetti, Director

Introduction of Special Guests - Deputy Steve Sutliff was introduced and he updated the attendees of issues that he has been facing and also offered tips for keeping our cabins safe from intruders. He also offered that we not be afraid to call on the sheriff's office to help in any that they can.

Approval of Minutes from July 20, 2008 - Motion to approve minutes from that meeting as mailed by Elbert Reed. Second by Bud Barron, approved.

Treasurer's Report - Presented by Paul Regimbal. This past year the Association reflected a net operating income of $3,185.83 and had an ending bank balance, including certificates of $46,952.26. The dates for the beginning and ending balances should have read July 1, 1008 and June 30, 2009 respectively. The income and expenses were consistent with previous years.


• Bev Regimbal reported that 48 cabins were represented at the Saturday work party.

• The board reported that the dumpster will be available to the association for a limited time beginning the weekend of August 29, 2009 and will be removed the week of September 8, 2009. It will be located on Lot 47, a change from years past. The attendees were asked to not use the dumpster for large appliances and anything that will decay such as kitchen garbage.

• Bill Madison extended a special thanks to Gene Ritnour for his special efforts in keeping the roads plowed and for his diligence in watching out for our cabins when we are not present. He also thanked members of Bootjack who helped repair equipment this past winter.

• Bill reminded the attendees to be sure to observe the speed limit of 10 MPH and to remind guests to do so also. He also reminded us to be sure to keep our pets on a leash and to be sure not to leave any garbage outside or in burn barrels when we leave for home. A bear has been spotted several times in the Association along with other scavengers, such as coyotes, raccoons, etc.

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• Roger Meyer reported on the efforts that the Association had made in working with the Forest Service to obtain their permission for us to construct a storage building for our equipment. The suggested location for the building would be behind the pump house that will serve as a staging area for a logging operation that will take placelater this year.

• The adjacent cabin owners will be contacted for their permission of this location. Once approved the board will develop a financing plan for approval of the cabin owners and will work closely with the Forest Service to make sure that the building conforms to all of their codes relating to size and appearance.

• Roger Meyer reported that the board has been working on establishing a web page for the Association. Much of the work on this project has already been done and the web page should be ready for roll-out later this year. The membership was very receptive to this project and offered several questions and suggestions. The board would like to thank Roger for his efforts and work on this project.

• Gene Pugnetti reported on the progress of a grant through the Community Wild Fire Action Plan and the County for the purchase of a commercial grade chipper that could be used for the cabin owners on both White and Chinook Passes. The grant has been approved and we are waiting for funding and the purchase of the piece of equipment. Hopefully this will take place later in 2009 and will be a great resource to assist in lot clean up. Should this project take longer than expected, the Association will rent a chipper and there will be a "chipper party" this fall on the weekend of October 17, 2009 to clean up all of the limbs that we have stacked next to the road within the Association boundaries.

• Tree Marking Project - Gene Pugnetti reported on the project that was begun in 2008 to have dead and dangerous trees removed from several lots within the Association. The Forest Service has been receptive to issuing a multiple lot permit for removal of the trees that have been marked. Gene asked the cabin owners to take a look at the trees that have been marked on the individual lots and asked that the cabin owners remove the tape from any tree that they do not want to be included in the permit. Once this is done the Association will submit the proposal to the Forest Service. He also indicated that the expense to take down the trees would be the individual cabin 'owner's responsibility. The Association will contact a tree faller to individually price the lots and this information will be passed on to the cabin owners for their approval.

• Bill Madison informed the attendees that hose-bib back flow protectors have been placed on all of the outside faucets that are part of the domestic water supply as a requirement of the Health Department. He also indicated that these protectors will need to be removed by the individual cabin owners each year before winter to prevent the pipes from freezing. Each spring they are required to be placed back on the outside faucets.

• Bill Madison reported that the Association is working with the Forest Service and the Health Department for the installation of a back flow valve on the line that comes from the redwood tank. This project is scheduled for completion in August.

• Jim Devine and David Forsyth reported on the efforts that the RCOA is making to improve the national CUFFA laws that affect the fees that are paid by cabin owners across the county. They also reported that the billings for the 2009 fees are starting to arrive and that we can expect to pay approximately twice the fee that we paid in 2008. They will continue to work on our behalf to assure fair fees for the future. The RCOA has worked hard to place our own Fire District on the ballot this fall and it appears that that will happen. What that means to the cabin owners is that the tax for fire protection will appear on their county tax billing rather than have the individual cabin associations

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collect the fee to forward to the Naches Fire District. Jim and David invited the attendees to come to the annual RCOA meeting to be held at 1 :00 for more information.

Old Business - It was moved and seconded that the Association enter another one-year contract with the Naches Fire District for fire protection until the formation of the Fire District is complete. A separate billing for the fees will be made later in the year.

New Business

• It was moved and seconded that the annual assessment for the Association remain the same this year at $275.00 with a credit of $50.00 for participation in the annual work party. The assessment includes membership in RCOA, the State and the National Cabin Owners Association.

• David Forsyth was elected as the representative for Andy Creek for the RCOA and Jim Devine was elected as the alternate.

• Bill Madison asked for nominations for the board for the upcoming year. David Forsyth presented the following names for consideration: Bill Madison, Roger Meyer, Paul Regimbal, Gene Pugnetti and Roger Allen. Nominations were seconded and passed by the attendees. Bill took this opportunity to thank Russ Forman for his many years of service on the board and to the Association. Also, Bill indicated that the board was considering a change to the by-laws that would increase the size of the board from 5 to 7 members. This change would require a vote of the membership. The board will consider this in the 2009 business.

• Paul Regimbal was nominated and accepted to be the Secretary-Treasurer. Nomination was seconded and passed by the attendees.

Good of the Order - Steve Hilmes took the floor and asked the attendees to visit with him after the meeting if they faced problems with the Forest Service during recent remodels and construction.

Announcements - Bill Madison encouraged all to attend the RCOA Annual meeting beginning at 1:00 today in this same room.

Next Annual Meeting and Work Party - The next Annual meeting and Work Party will be July 17/18, 2010.

Adjournment - I2:20 PM

Respectfully Submitted by:           

Paul Regimbal,  Secretary /Treasurer

Updated 5/19/2010



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