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Sanitary Survey Results

Every five years the Andy Creek Cabin Association is involved in a Sanitary Survey of our water system.

On Friday, September 22, the Washington State Department of Health and Yakima County Department of Environmental Health conducted the required Sanitary Survey of our domestic (potable) water system.

Carlos Champie, Roger Meyer, and Paul Kramer accompanied Andy Cervantes from the Washington State Department of Health, and Ted Silvestri from Yakima County Dept. of Environmental Health, for the inspection.

The group began the inspection at the Andy Creek wellhouse and ended the inspection at our 15,000 gallon water tank north of our cabin tract. There were no problems found at our wellhouse and water tank and all comments were very positive.

Since our water storage tank is buried, the only visible portion of our tank is a 4" screened overflow pipe and the 24" tank access lid. The tank's interior and both sides of the access lid were sandblasted in 2014 to remove all of the original coal-tar lining. A special flexible epoxy-like coating designed for domestic water applications was then sprayed onto the interior tank walls...including the tank access opening, to a thickness of about 1/4".

Because there were no necessary corrections at our well and water storage tank, we will not need to be surveyed for another five years!

Updated 9/22/2017



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