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Wildlife In or Near Andy Creek

The Andy Creek cabin area and the forest around Rimrock Lake have been home to many beautiful and interesting species of animals and plants. We will attempt to maintain an accurate list of some of the species that have been seen by cabin owners in recent years, as well as those which are known to reside in this area.
Please email us with any sightings or photographs of unusual or beautiful living things...plants or animals.
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The 1st day of spring happened on March 20!

This beauty made its appearance at Andy Creek just about the same time..... Lanceleaf Spring Beauty

(Claytonia lanceolata) Purslane family

Glacier Lilly

(Erythronium grandiflorum)

The corm (stem base) was frequently eaten by Native Americans.

Yellow Fritillary

(Fritillaria pudica)

The small bulb was eaten by Native Americans


Round-leafed Violet

(Viola orbiculata)

"Western Round-leaved violet"

"Darkwoods Violet"

Douglas' grasswidow

(Olsynium douglasii) formerly named

Sisyrinchium douglasii

Iris family

Pink Microsteris

(Microsteris gracilis)

"Pink Twink" or "Slender Phlox"

Extremely small cute flowers!

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Updated 4/19/2015



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